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Orthodontics Approach To Removing Tooth

Orthodontics work is generally regarded as being more complex than dentistry at its basic levels. Case in point could be the placing of braces. And it is not uncommon for tooth extraction charlotte work to be carried out by a local orthodontist. For example, his specialist skills could be required to perform an extraction as a result of a crowded jawline. It could also entail the symmetrical removal of teeth in order to maintain what is known as the balance of the bite.

Two primary reasons have been given for the orthodontic extraction of teeth. One; there could be an improper alignment of teeth owing to a small jawbone. And two; teeth could be too big for the mouth. Nevertheless, all extraction work does need to be completed prior to any orthodontics work being performed. In the event of emergency tooth extractions being required, two options are considered by the presiding dentist.

These are simple and surgical. In the event of a simple extraction, the tooth will be visible above the gum line. The dentist is therefore able to easily remove the affected tooth with forceps. And to ensure that the procedure is devoid of pain for the patient, only local anesthesia need be used. But in certain instances, owing to the acute condition of the patient, anti-anxiety medication or conscious sedation may be required.

tooth extraction charlotte

The surgical extraction is required when gum tissue or bone need to be removed along with the affected tooth. This is a procedure common to the removal of wisdom teeth. It is now usual for this procedure to be carried out by an oral surgeon. Teeth that are not visible in the mouth also need to be removed through surgery. General anesthesia is used when performing the surgery.